We operate a full department of in-house designers who help our clients translate their visions into products.


Our state-of-the-art printing equipment is made by leading German manufacturer Heidelberg, who specialize in making machinery for offset industrial printing. We constantly upgrade our equipment to make sure we stay on top of global industry standards and exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of both quality and turnaround time. We also offer a number of paper options, with different textures, patterns, and prints.


Nourpack utilizes top-of-the-line German and Italian technology in die-cutting, the process of steaming and cutting paper into the desired shapes and sizes. With equipment sourced from industry leaders such as BOBST and Titan, we remain versatile in our offerings, able to cater to any custom requests.


The company’s high-speed and fully-automated folder-gluers can process up to 55,000 pieces per hour. Additionally, we operate two manual gluing production lines, managed by more than 50 of the market’s most highly-skilled and well-trained professionals and technicians – meaning we never run out of stock.

Quality Control & Finishing

Quality control measures are observed and applied throughout, but at this final step of the production process, each order is thoroughly inspected for any errors or inconsistencies before it’s approved and packaged for shipping and delivery. Thanks to the size of our operation, we are easily able to cater to any instances of client dissatisfaction, assuming responsibility for orders that fail to meet specifications and repeating them when necessary.