Social and Environmental Responsibility

As an ever-growing operation, Nourpack is aware of its corporate social responsibilities and takes measures to ensure we not only meet norms and standards, but also set the benchmark for other players in the market, as a pioneer of the packaging industry.

Eco Friendly

Nourpack is always conscious of the role it has to play to protect the environment and maintain a low carbon footprint, which is why we recycle around 80% of our scrap paper and materials into cardboard that can then be repurposed for use in non-food related products such as gift boxes, shoe boxes, storage boxes, and the like.

Socially Responsible

We take the comfort and morale of our employees to heart; in addition to providing our on-site labor with free of charge housing, food, and healthcare, we always make sure to we give support when needed – whether with medical issues, familial obligations, weddings, engagements, or funerals – at Nourpack, we tend to the financial and emotional needs of our staff and labor.