Our Services

Nourpack is a one-stop-shop offering a full range of packaging solutions and services to customers of varying needs, with great pricing schemes and payment plans.


  • Create and market over 10,000 designs each year to our pool of customers and other prospective clients

  • Arrange one-on-one meetings between customers and designers to ensure customers’ vision is conveyed exactly to the finished product

  • Allow for brainstorming and feedback sessions to allow customers to explore different options

  • Offer seasonal and occasional designs based on clients’ presets and custom designs


  • Equipment provided by leading German manufacturer of industrial printers, Heidelberg

  • Offer multiple paper options: corrugated, kraft, bristol, duplex and triplex paper

  • High-volume printing and machine finishing that ensures on-spec and on-time delivery, regardless of quantity and frequency of orders


  • World-class packaging equipment and machinery that ensure variety, consistency, and quality

  • Boxes and packages offered in all standard-industry sizes and shapes

  • Ability to cater to special orders entailing tailored products with custom proportions, coloring, and gluing needs

  • Highly-skilled and well-trained technicians supervise every step of the process to ensure quality standards are being met